Quick-Notes - Black Rock Batch 6 - 12yo


I had heard about the Black Rock bottlings before and only good things. This is the 6th edition of the series of bottlings for irish-whiskeys.de. Batch 1 was a 10 year old Single Malt, Batch 2 a 9 year old Single Grain, Batch 3 a 15 year old Single Malt, Batch 4 a 16 year old Single Malt and Batch 5 again a 9 year old Single Grain. All matured in ex-Bourbon casks and bottled in cask strength, without color and non-chill filtered. Batch 6 was triple distilled and matured for 12 years in a Bourbon barrel. The whiskey is described as very complex and by no means mild and soft. According to the description one can expect light fruit components, floral tones and a fine wood note. In total there were only 120 bottles.
58,1 % vol. - Single Malt Irish Whiskey - Ex-Bourbon - not colored, non-chill filtered - Bottle 62 of 120

Color: Gold.
Aroma: Very ripe fruit. Apples, bananas, sugar melon. It is accompanied by light chocolate and honey. The 58% are really present. Warmed up a bit, cinnamon comes through. With water added, the fruits show up more clearly and floral tones are also present.
Taste: Strong, peppery start. Then honey sweetness and spice. Slowly the ripe fruits come through, all surrounded by a wild pepperiness. The saliva flow is stimulated. The chocolate comes through. There are more and more aromas that alternate.
Finish: Long. The peppery spiciness covers the whole mouth, but in a pleasant way.
Conclusion: A fiery, peppery, wild whiskey. Complex, sophisticated. Behind every sip there is something new to be discovered.